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Spaniel Puppy

Please note: Due to increasing commercial workload we are not taking any portrait, pet or wedding bookings at this time.

We offer an 'at home' photography service to proud pet owners in Scotland for just £40. Prints and photo gifts of various sizes can then be ordered through your pet's very own gallery. Our photographer is familiar with working with animals and will aim to capture your pet's unique character. Although dog photography is our most popular commission, we also offer pet portraits for cats, horses, birds and reptiles.

For the indoor 'at home' photo session, we need a modest amount of floor space (approximately five feet by seven feet) and for dogs a pet that will stay on command for a brief period.

Our specialty is for dramatic images that resemble traditional studio portraits which regularly win 'gold awards' in the SWPP monthly image competition. One of our photographs was a runner up in the 2009 Pet Photographer of the Year awards and the Pet Photographer of the Year award for 2010.

Feel free to browse the sample gallery page which has a small collection of images. Our preferred style is using a black background and simple lighting to create a stunning image that focusses on the pet's eyes.

Weather depending we can also carry out the photo shoot in a suitable outdoor location if space or obedience is an issue or if you simply prefer to see your pet in a more natural environment.

Animal welfare is always our primary concern and special care is taken when working with very young animals such as a puppy or kitten or pet's with notable health issues. For example, when photographing a puppy we will ensure that they are not over handled or exposed to excessive amount of light or noise. For any pet, if it appears that the photo session is no longer fun for them then our photographer will stop.

We can provide a pet photography in, and around Fife and Perth and Kinross. For further information and to book a session, please contact us.